Saturday, July 15, 2017

Planning, Sewing, and Wearing!

Drinking MY Coffee and Trying to Make MYSELF Motivate

Okay, so sometimes you come to the store and you wonder what on earth is up with me?!!!

Well  Coffee Motivates me! This is my wall!..The first thing I see when I get up in the morning-  I made the beveled glass years ago in my stained glass phase-I use to make beveled glass chimes and sell them-I try to dream up my life and I made the coffee hanging from some material I found and it is sooooo me!

I am just like everyone else... I have to force myself to move in the morning-COFFEE  COFFEE COFFEE!!!

To DO list on Dry Erase Board-Outfit to wear to work on Hanger in front of face!

Already cut out pieces to sew on chair next to sewing machine chair!

Drink Coffee-Read Board-Sew Something-Cut Out something-Drink MORE coffee- Put on Clothes and go to work!

Yes, like everyone there is other stuff in between-but that is it in a nutshell.

At night I think of ways I could make money, but don't and where I want to go on vacation but probably won't and where I want to live but probably never will---on the positive side, I can play in my fabric and jewelry and get dressed up and go to work and pretend everything is going as planned...!!!???

My future house on the water

Then there was the one with the separate studio that I missed.....

 Some day it will-my plan is to sew an outfit right now!

I have 20 poly poplin suits and each has 1-3 drape neck matte jersey blouses to go with them on the hanger.

This cardigan I even put a tag in...sometimes I get enthusiastic! I embroidered a big K on it...LOL

 Poly Poplin - with one of the many shirts with Green in them!

I love the tubins' because they have slender legs and comfy tight tops...Leggins with tube legs...

  Some have pants, but I never liked the pants.... Now I have Tubins'

I haven't counted and since some days I make 2 or 3 pair.. I guess I have a lot of pants now.  

This one is matching chiffon to the matte jersey blouse... found in the 'Treasure Hunt Room' at G Street Fabrics

This is a Popcorn surface lightweight fabric as is the yellow one.

Always best to find your pants top and cardigan fabric at the same time... there are so many different shades of color, it is too hard to remember what shade the fabric you bought previously.

I have 5 or more unstructured cardigans and I am getting ready to make a white one in a popcorn I will hit the gauze and make gauze cardigans- I love the flowing thing.

Black one used with black and beige Dress and Beige silk scarf

 Change out white popcorn gauze jacket with Black and white silk shirt and white pants

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