Friday, May 26, 2017

Sewing Motivation

This blog is as much for my motivation to complete my stash instead of just storing as it is to help you see what YOU can do.

Now-Today, I am going to cut out a Pink, Light Green, Dark Green, Bright Blue, and Lime Green Tubins.

I live in a Cellar- so the lighting is very difficult to see what color is what....

 It is a little better with a flash....

The pattern is just one piece so easy... this was posted with pattern number in

Tubins <--- click

I will put them beside my sewing machine and make one pair today, and as many as possible as fast as I can.   I already have Sparkle Black, Denim Black, Dark Blue waffle weave, Teal waffle weave, White, Coral Pink, and regular Teal colored sewn and worn once.

The problem with working in a fabric store, is you see every color possible.

 In my normal manner I will make Earrings out of the fabric and then cut out and sew the blouse.

I  am going to cut out one silk top, I have not decided which pattern, but I will post.

Here is the silk I chose to make the blouse out of.  So soft, and I added the fullnest to the drapeneck that is not for stretchknits pattern.  Butterick 3131.

This is the back of the button package where you cut out your pattern for the covered buttons you are going to wear for earrings.  Once you make the earrings you must finish the blouse.

 Here are some buttins from a package.  You see the button has a shank but you will pull that out so you have a flat back to glue your earring to your earring back

Pick the best part of the design to center

 Needlenose pliers/pattern for fabric circle and button cover.. you must pull the shank out, and pick the best part of your fabric to put on your earrings.

Pinch the shank with the needlenose and it will pop right out looking like a bent paper clip.


 After they are covered you will glue the earring back on from your bulk bag of jewelry findings.


  Done... Made a scarf and wore blue tubins... pic later..

I have to work tonight-my usual day off- so, the goal is to make a new outfit to wear.

Oh and I have to take a picture of the yellow outfit and post it on the May 2 posting.

I said it, so I have to do it!

 These are the best hangers every!... They are covered with a velvet type covering and you can hang your pants on the top edge drop the shirt on over the hook and wrap the scarf around the hook and nothing slides off!  I bought this at Target - 2 ten packs and now I am going to fill them!  More motivation!

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