Wednesday, January 17, 2018


Making a Cape:

Making View A Hooded Cape out of Slicker fabric and Pre lined ski coat Lining Material....  Maybe a detachable fur collar to match my scarf that I already have and fur lined pockets.

Total Process of making the cape:

link to sewing process of cape <---

Just to let you know, I am not soooo on task.   It stopped snowing/raining, so I didn't make the slicker, but it was cold.  I had some leftover stretch suede from a crazy vest I had just made and I made suede Gloves instead, because my hands were cold and I didn't have any gloves.  It has been cold at work, so I decided I didn't want cold hands all day.  Anyway, that is my excuse for changing projects at hand....

After being worn all day, cutting material... LOL

       They match my suede sherpa coat, which I wore part of the day too... and the right hand I cut without the middle fingers so I could cut well and the rest of my hand be warm... Great for driving control too LOL.   I used a satin zigzag stitch so they could be close fitting and move with me...

Glove pattern     Link   Free PDF from 'So Sew Easy'

This took 2 5/8 yards for each side so it would be reversible= at 2.97 a yard.... 7.80 for each side of this cape... essentially 2 raincapes for 15.60.....   Couldn't get that in the store... or could you?

Slicker to Dark Brown Ski Coat Type Cape

Reversible to Lining Side

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