Sunday, April 30, 2017

Tubins' on Thursday

Okay, I am going to do more writing on the blog so we can add adsense to the site.  They do not allow ads if I only have pics... but you know pictures are worth a thousand words-(somebody said that some time ago).  I get home from work late at night, so I made the fuschia tubins when I got home.  Remember to give yourself motivation, make your earrings out of the same material as your project.  This gives me a boost to get the item done, so I then will have a complete outfit, or something to pull it together.  If that doesn't seem to work, I make a scarf.  If nothing else, I have a new pair of earrings and scarf I can wear, but usually this is enough to boost me to finish the skirt, pants, or blouse, or all of the set.

I have the tubins in fuschia done, the earrings and cut out the blouse of the matching patterned lycra fabric.   I am going to take a little sleep and then make earrings and scarf and sew up the blouse... put all things on and then go visit my new litte grand-daughter on the way to work.

I bought enough elastic to do 10 pairs of tubins, so I will have lots of outfits this coming month, and hopefully this will inspire me to get little projects organized around me finished.

I made this before work on Thursday.....

When I get home from work on Thursday, I will make sparkle pants,(tubins') and Black stretch jeans type tubins' .  I will make a Sweetheart neckline lace and pleated shiny gray with black mirrored lace top to go with glitter pants and I will have my gray snakeskin look lycra to wear with my black jeans tubins' on Sunday.

I am going to enhance my blog with many descriptions in words about how I sew things quicker so I can make an outfit right before work...

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