Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Glass Fusing Pins and such....

I have a quikfire 6 kiln I have not used.... in a downsize move it went to one of my daughters garages and the bottom was misplaced... never to be found again... I ordered a replacement this morning..

This is a dragonfly pin done in the microwave I got on Craigslist.

This glittery pin was done in the microwave with a mixture of frit and 

dichroic glass.

 Heart Pin done in Microwave with dichroic glass and frit combo

This is sideways but you get the gist.  A combo of everything in heart shaped pin.

This was also done in the microwave.
This was just a hummingbird shape cut from glass and fused in the microwave, but the fusing gave the tail a nice coloring just like a real hummingbird.. also pointed the beak and wings... so I can't wait for the quikfire base so I can have more fun with pins.

Actually this is a trivet of fused glass

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